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Bring the skills of the future to your community! With fun, free, easy coding projects and training.

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Why run a Code Club?

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs with a mission to #getkidscoding. We provide free resources and training to empower any adult to teach coding to kids in their community.

With support from the Telstra Foundation , we strive to give every child the chance to build skills, confidence and opportunity to shape their world!

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What's involved?

Every librarian can start a club! Get started on your coding journey with these simple steps.

Step 1

Register your club to join the Code Club community and get access to a range of resources to help you get started.

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Step 2

Try one of our 210+ self-guided coding projects and organise the technology that will be used for the class. All you need are computers for the kids (they can share) and access to the internet.

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Step 3

Run the club as part of your libraries programming. We have plenty of resources and a fantastic community to support you every step of the way.

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Step 4
Run the club

Our 210+ coding projects have something for everyone, with different themes like science, art, and the environment. All coding lessons are designed to be completed in a 45-60 min session. Extra activities keep more advanced students engaged.

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Support and training

Give one of our Scratch starter projects a go to experience how easy it is to make and teach code!

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  • Access 100s free fun projects
  • Anyone can teach
  • 13,000 active clubs worldwide