Live dj

Live DJ

Learn how to code a live music performance.

Music player

Music Player

In this project, you are going to make a music player that lets you choose different tunes to suit your mood.

Rock band

Rock Band

Learn how to code your own musical instruments

Compose tune

Your own tune

Use Sonic Pi to create a cool doorbell chime.


Drum Star

Make a clicker game where you earn beats to play new drums and bigger venues.

Musical round

Musical Round

Experiment with synths to create a musical round.

Special effects

Special Effects

Create special effects for a film or computer game.

Music maker

Music Maker

Design your own digital music maker.

Tetris theme

Tetris Theme

Program musical notes and create the Tetris theme tune.

Drum loop

Drum Loop

Learn how to use samples to create your own drum loop.

Binary hero

Binary Hero

Score points by playing the notes as they scroll past.

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