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All you need is a public venue safe for learning, and one hour a week to lead a Code Club for kids. Start up a new Code Club in your community today!

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Code Club helps kids build the confidence and skills to problem solve and explore new ideas - skills they can carry through life

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How to get started

Anyone can start a club. You don't need any coding or teaching experience. We have resources to support you every step of the way.

Register your club

Step 1

Register your club to join the Code Club community and get free access to our resources to help you get started. Not a teacher or librarian? First step for you is to find a safe public venue like a school or library to host your class. You can use this sample letter of introduction.

Register your club

Step 2
Get verified

Make sure you and any volunteers that are helping with your Club have their Working With Children Check.

Find your state's requirements

Step 3

Try one of our 200+ self-guided coding lessons and organise the technology that will be used for the class. All you need are computers for the kids and access to the internet.

Try one of our 200+ coding projects

Step 4
Week by week

We have resources to support you every step of the way. We also have an amazing community of Code Club volunteers that you will become a part of. Login to your Code Club dashboard to access all our supporting resources, and join us on Facebook to get connected to the community.

See a sample of our resources here

We'll support you at every step

Code Club has great projects, resources, and guides to help you get going. The first step is to be enthusiastic about making a difference!

Let's get kids coding!

Code Club believes in giving every kid the chance to code no matter their background or where they are from.

You don't need a lot of experience to start your own club. However, if you would rather volunteer at an existing club, check out our map to find a club near you accepting volunteers and contact them using their publicly accessible information.

Find a club near you

Try it out for yourself

Give one of our starter projects a go. Check out the Scratch module to see how easy it is to make and teach code!

  • Find a host venue safe for learning, like a school or library
  • Be available for one hour a week
  • Commit to volunteering for at least one school term (8-10 weeks)